Price list

for the winter season 2023/2024

  1. Entrance to the facility 1 zł (for people who do not use the slide)
  2. Tickets for the slide:
11 PLN12 PLN
60 mins16 PLN18 PLN
180 mins32 PLN36 PLN
30 mins13 PLN15 PLN
60 mins18 PLN20 PLN
180 mins36 PLN40 PLN
30 mins15 PLN17 PLN
60 mins20 PLN25 PLN
180 mins45 PLN50PLN
1 children, primary school students
2 school youth from 15 years old and students up to 25 years old

  1. Group ticket* (includes 2 “normal” tickets + 2 “children’s” tickets)
    *excluding weekends, holidays and holidays
60 mins75 PLN
  1. 10-hour bearer ice entry pass
reduced (including children’s)150 PLN
reduced for weekends, holidays, holidays180 PLN
normal200 PLN
normal for holidays, weekends, holidays225 PLN
  1. Personal ticket for the whole season without limit of hours
Reduced900 PLN
normal1100 PLN
  1. Storage of shoe bags. One bag: 6 PLN
  2. Rental of a pair of skates: PLN 14 – each time
  3. Helmet rental: PLN 5 – each time
  4. Penguin rental: 12 PLN – up to 60 min.
  5. Sharpening skates: according to the price list of the Grinding Shop below

A) For renting and sharpening skates, the fee is paid at the cash desk
B) After exceeding the declared time, minute surcharges are charged in proportion to the basic time
C) We do not refund money for unused time
D) For losing the magnetic card fee PLN 30

Ice skates sharpening price list

  1. Sharpening on the SSM2 machine – groove depth R19 – 3/4″:
standard sharpening20PLN
sharpening damaged skates30 PLN
  1. Sharpening on the ProSharp machine (automatic, diamond blade)
Sharpening standard
grooves for selection: R22-7/8″, R16 -5/8″, R13-1/2
30 PLN
Flat sharpening35 PLN
Chanel-Z sharpening based on groove R1950 PLN

Remark: When sharpening new skates on the ProSharp machine, a surcharge of PLN 5, and skates of very damaged ones a surcharge of PLN 10.