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Lodowisko Szczecin - Lodogryf - zdjęcie
Lodowisko Szczecin - Lodogryf - zdjęcie2
Lodowisko Szczecin - Lodogryf - zdjęcie3
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The most modern ice rink in the city, and at the same time the largest in the vicinity of Szczecin. The surface of the surface is 1800m2, i.e. the so-called full-size ice rink (30x60m). Skate rental has figure skates and hockey skates in sizes from 26 to 47.

The property has a gastronomic pavilion with a wide menu and tasty and cheap cuisine. Next to it there is a stone bonfire, where you can warm up and / or fry sausages. The Szczecin ice rink is also a SklepHokejowy.Com, the oldest online store in Poland (a year in Poland). 2004) in this industry, where there is the largest selection of skates and skating accessories within a radius of 400km.

An Electronic Customer Service System is installed on the ice rink (you only pay for the effective time spent on the ice). There is no rigid division into turns. Thanks to this, you can, for example, skate for a while, take a small break (time stops) for a warm meal and return to the ice again.