Sharpening skates in Szczecin

At our ice rink you can use the service of sharpening skates. Sharpen skates during the opening hours of the ice rink. Standard sharpening of skates takes about 10 minutes. Are you looking for the best place to sharpen your skates in Szczecin? Come and visit us! Remember that you will pay the fee for sharpening skates at the ticket office of the ice rink. And once you sharpen the skates, it is worth taking a look at our store, which is located next to the rental. There you will find blade protectors for your newly sharpened skates.

Grinding machine price list

  1. Sharpening on SSM2 machine – groove depth R19 – 3/4″:
standard sharpening18PLN
sharpening damaged skates28 PLN
  1. Sharpening on the ProSharp machine (automatic, diamond blade)
Standard sharpening
groove to choose from: R22-7/8″, R16 -5/8″, R13-1/2
Flat sharpening35 PLN
Chanel-Z sharpening based on groove R1950 PLN