The ESOK system

Each person on the object should have a magnetic card with them. It is not possible to enter the property without a card.

To receive the card, you must go to the cash register in order to make a prepayment for the services you want to use, To enter the facility, you must put a magnetic card to the reader in the entrance gate No. 1. This action will be confirmed by a short sound signal and the green LED on the reader. After confirmation, you should immediately go through the turnstile. If you have paid for the rental of skates or sharpening, you should go to the RENTAL window for this purpose. To download the skates, you need to enter the size of the shoe and for a moment give the magnetic card to the rental service, which will note this fact on the reader.

If you want to enter the ice, you should put a magnetic card at gate No. 2 on the entrance reader and after confirming this fact, you should go through the turnstile. Since then, the time bought for slipping begins to run. Time stops when exiting the skating zone through the turnstile No. 2. You can return to the pane again, the time of effective sliding will be added up.

When leaving the facility, you should return the downloaded skates to the rental company, which will be recorded on the magnetic card, and then go to the cash register. At the checkout, the staff checks the magnetic cards in terms of settling the skates with the rental company and the time used on the ice. If this time has been exceeded, it is necessary to pay the fee in direct proportion to the time exceeded. After returning the card, the staff releases people individually from the facility through the exit turnstile.