Terms and conditions

The Szczecin Ice Rink is open from November to March, in accordance with the schedule set by ARKONA GROUP Fornalscy Sp.j., hereinafter referred to as the “Ice Rink Operator”.

The ice rink is monitored around the clock.

Each user of the Ice Rink uses it voluntarily and is aware of the dangers / threats and possible injuries and injuries while driving, for which ARKONA GROUP Fornalscy Sp.j. does not bear any responsibility.

  1. Persons using the Ice Rink are obliged to comply with these Regulations and the instructions of persons operating the Ice Rink, otherwise they will not be able to use the Ice Rink.
  2. The basis for entering the Ice Rink is a valid entrance ticket (card). The Ice Rink Operator reserves the right to limit the number of people using the ice rink (e.g. when the number of people using the facility prevents free use of it, then the employee has the right to temporarily suspend access to the facility and the ice sheet).
  3. Fees applicable at the Szczecin Ice Rink can be found in the Price List. No refund is provided for unused tickets.
  4. The use of the ice rink by children up to 10 years of age takes place only in the presence and under the supervision of an adult guardian (equipped with skates). Children up to 10 years of age will not be allowed to enter the ice rink in the absence of a guardian. The caregiver is responsible for the proper behavior of the users and for their safety.
  5. It is forbidden to enter the ice rink for people whose condition indicates the consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs.
  6. Users of the Ice Rink bear the risk associated with amateur skating.
  7. People using the surface of the ice rink are obliged to exercise extreme caution when driving, which should take place in one direction. The direction of travel is determined by the staff of the Ice Rink. The change of direction of travel takes place only at the signal given by the sound system of the Ice Rink.
  8. It is recommended to ride in a warm coat, gloves and helmet, especially children.
  9. Each time you use speed skates, sticks, hockey pucks and other similar items, the consent of the Ice Rink Operator is required.
  10. Persons using the Ice Rink are forbidden to create dangerous situations for the users of the Ice Rink, in particular:
  • organizing races and dangerous games
  • driving with children on their hands
  • sitting on bands surrounding the Ice Rink and jumping over it.
  • consumption of alcoholic beverages and other intoxicants
  • consumption on the surface of the Ice Rink
  • absolute prohibition of persons in a state indicating the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants
  • destruction of equipment and devices of the Ice Rink
  • walking on the surface of the Ice Rink in ordinary footwear
  • bringing animals to the ice rink
  • snow throwing
  1. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.
  2. The entry of motor vehicles into the Ice Rink is allowed only after prior consent of the Operator.
  3. For the first aid, you should report to the ice rink service.
  4. For things left on the Ice Rink, the Operator does not bear any responsibility.
  5. For damage to mobile phones, MP3 players, etc. bringing to the ice rink Operator does not respond.
  6. There is a rental in the Ice Rink. The fee for renting skates is paid at the ticket office before entering the Ice Rink. The use of the rental is regulated by the “Rental Regulations”.
  7. Any noticed damage (m.in damage to the ice sheet or equipment), accidents (involving ice rink users) or irregularities should be immediately reported to the cleaning or service of the facility.
  8. If damage is found, the person responsible for the damage will be charged for it materially.
  9. After losing the magnetic card, in addition to imposing a cleaning fee, the Ice Rink staff reserves the right to write down personal data in order to determine whether skates from the rental company were not downloaded to the lost card.
  10. Any acts of vandalism or other dangerous events taking place on the ice rink should be reported to the Ice Rink Operator – tel. 508242900 or emergency number 112

Everyone using the ice rink is obliged to read the above regulations and comply with its rules. Persons who do not comply with the provisions of these regulations will be removed from the ice rink, and administrative penalties may be applied to them (fines up to PLN 500).

Representatives of the security company are authorized to control the behavior at the Szczecin Ice Rink and react accordingly.

ARKONA GROUP Fornalscy Sp.j.

Szczecin on 10.10.2011